How to Create Six Pack Abs Using Photoshop CC

Hello and welcome again with an other exciting tutorial here you will learn how can you get 6 pack abs easily using Photoshop. you can make six pack abs in your photograph and attract someone.
so what is the proccess follow these steps.
1- Open your own pic or download any pic from google.
2- Download any body builder 6 pack abs man picture.
3- Select 6 pack abs with lasso tool and move it on your pic and press ctrl+t and adjust it according to your body shape.
4- Hold ctrl key and click on 6 pack layer’s thumbnail to make selection of 6 pack abs, after that go to select menu option and modify, contract by 6 pixel ok.
5- Select your pic layer where you want to place 6 abs select eraser tool and erase selected aria.
6- Adjust color of both layer, after adjusment color select both layer and go to menu and select edit otption select Auto-Blend Layersd then ok.
that’s it.

Used Images in this project download from here

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