Photoshop CC – Cinematic Color Effect

Step 01 – First of all you have to open your image in which you want to practical cinematic color in Photoshop, make duplicate layer after that you have to need to select duplicate layer and select overlay option in blending mode.

Step 02 – Go to filter option select other option then select high pass, choose high pass Radius according to need, I will recommend you, you should have to choose high pass radius between 40 to 50 but make sure your image should be perfect on particular radius size then ok and select layer opacity round about 40% to 50%.

Step 03 – Go to (create new fill or adjustment layer) option and select Vibrance option, vibrance 0 and saturation 35 then click on (collapse to icons).

Step 04 – Select layer vibrance thumnail make sure layer thumbnail not layer mask thumbnail there are two thumbnail in one layer one is layer thumbnail and other one layer mask thumbnail so you have to select layer thumbnail then you have to go to (create new fill or adjustment layer) option and select Gradient fill and select black to transparent gradient color in gradient editor, style Radial, Tick on Reverse option, you can scale and angle it according to your pic.

Step 05 – (create new fill or adjustment layer) option then select Gradient Map option, and select and black and white effect select soft light in blending mode, opacity 30% to 40%.

Step 06 – Select Gradient map again now it’s time to select one other gradient option you choose as you wish I’m going to select Violet, Orange, Softlight, 30 to 40% opacity then adjust it using curve from (create new fill or adjustment layer) option and adjust exposure in the same way.
Not it’s done.

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