Wooden Carve Effect – Photoshop CC

Before starting you should have two images one wooden texture and other one your face or other model’s pic. you can download both images to click below link.

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Wooden Texture

Wooden Texture

1. Make face selection using quick selection tool then press ctrl+j to make copy of selected face.
2. Press V to open move selection tool and move your face on wooden texture.
3. Press Ctrl+t and hold alt+shift to adjust then enter.
4. Go to adjustment layer icon and click black and white then press ctrl+alt+g on window and cmd+option+g in mac to uncheck all layer black and white effect you can also uncheck to click on arrow option.
5. Hold shift key select both layer black and white and face layer then right on them click convert to smart object option.
6. Go to filter and filter gallery, open the sketch folder and click photocopy, make the detail: 11 and the darkness: 46 then hit ok.
7. Go to select and color range choose shadows, make the fuzziness:0%, and the range:90.
8. Click the layer mask icon to make a layer mask of the selection next to your subject.
9. Now you have to delete unwanted sport from the face so first of all you have to make your foreground color black now open your pencil tool and pencil picker, we will adjust the size in a movement. make hardness and opacity, both:100%. you can adjust your pencil size to press left and right bracket key on your keyboard. press on the unwanted spots to mask them out. change the blend mode to (soft light).
10. click the “fx” icon and click “Bevel Emboss” the style: Inner Bevel, Technique : Smooth, Depth: 100%, Direction : Down, Size : 4px, Angle is 120, Altitude:30 degrees, The Highlight Mode: Linear Dodge, the color is white, shadow mode: linear burn and opacity:35%.
11. Make duplicate layer and opacity 30 to 40%, click adjustment layer icon and click levels, input shadow fields: 26, input highlight fieled: 242 to 250.
that’s it hope you will enjoy this.

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