Photoshop CC Wooden Text Logo Effect

It’s only a formate you can adjust according to you.
First of all you have to choose two images one texture and other one any animal icon it may be your own face also.
Now follow these steps for complete process.
1. Open both images in photoshop.
2. Make sure one image your background and other one icon.
3. Move icon on background, and make sure your icon should be black in png formate with trasnparent background.
4. Select fill round about 30-50% of your icon’s layer.
5. Go to (add a layer style) option and hit Bevel Emboss.
6. Style : Inner Bevel, Technique : Smooth, Directon : Down, Size : 8 to 10, soften : 0, Angle : 120, Altitude : 30, Highlight Mode : Color Dodge, Opacity : 75%, Shadow Mode : Multiply, Opacity : 75%
7. Select Inner Shadow option, Blend Mode : Multiply, Opacity : 100%, Angle : 120%, Distance : 20 to 25, Choke : 0, Size : 5, Noise : 0.
8. Same Proccess have to apply on text may be some options will be something diffrent according to the text but you have to adjust them according to the text.
thanks hope you will have enjoyed this.
Image Credit :
Background Image

Cat Icon

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